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We love our customers, and we want to see them be happy and come back all the time for more fun with us. That's why we make sure that the people answering the phone when you call us, are as enthusiastic about your special event as you are. You will be treated with warmth by everyone here, and we are always happy and willing to take care of you and any concerns and questions you might have. We aim to have the best customer service of any limo and party bus company anywhere, and we want to provide you with that service before you even ever get on the bus.

The Amazing Vehicles We offer

With our extensive fleet, we've devised a way so that no matter how many times you come back to us for more fun, you always get a unique luxury experience. We also make sure that our buses are constantly updated and redesigned so that you get the very best in both technology and luxury. Deluxe features such as built in bars, HDTV, and incredible sound systems come standard in almost all our buses. That's how much we care about our customers and what you do for us. Each bus also undergoes an inspection both before, and after every single trip. That way we can insure that the vehicles you receive from s are up to the extremely high standard we've set. You receive vehicles that are clean and safe for anything your special occasion can throw at it.

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Our Trusted Chauffeurs

Of course, you can't have the finest vehicles in Anaheim, without having the finest chauffeurs to drive it. That's why we hand pick our drivers to insure that they are the very best in the business. Each of them are subject to background checks, driving record checks and randomized drug tests. Our goal is to insure that you are safe 100% of the time that you spend with us. We also test each and everyone of our drivers to make sure that they have the necessary experience in order to be able to control our larger vehicles with no problem at all. Each of them are also well versed in all of Anaheim's cultural hotspots so that they can be quick with a recommendation for your night. They also know there way around the city like there own homes. This allows them to find all the best routs for your event so that you get anywhere you want on time.

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